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Signature Presence

This article is a collaboration with Dr Clare Becket Mc Inroy (MCC).

Today, we wanted to talk about Signature Presence, a Coaching Concept that is very central to the Coaching Profession and that is unfortunately not so known in the context of leadership.

Enjoy :)

I would love if you feel brave enough to post your reflections on Signature Presence in comment :)

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That is a wonderful explanation -- funny, informative, helpful.


Thank you for another great article. It's really inspiring and making me reflect on more consciousness towards my own Signature Presence (or Trademark Presence). However, I do feel a pinch in my gut getting to 'stuck' in a signature. I've always strived for a "mind like water"-approach towards coaching/facilitating, trying to be whatever is needed from the individual context or person. Having said that, I do realise one can lose one self, while trying to be a Jack of all trades... Thank you for the reflection-starter 🙂

Alexandre Goubin
Alexandre Goubin
Jul 05, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for the appreciation :)

I am thinking a lot recently about this thematic as I am training in Mentor Coaching. We are a small group of credentialed coaches from various horizon and culture which is very interesting to witness the incredible variety of style and preferences of the coaching world.

As much as we adopt the "mind like water" that you evocate (beautiful metaphor) we are all very different. We can adjust our behavior and approach to what the client need but I almost see the signature presence as a baseline state.

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