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Alexandre Goubin

Hi, I am


  • Born in France in August 1982, living in Munich with my family

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a member of the International Coaching Federation

  • Experienced Lean, Continuous Improvement and Agile consultant with a history in creating sustainable impact for Services, Marketing, IT and Product Development Organizations

  • Strong experience in Change Management and Transformations all over Europe and the Middle-East

  • Many years of leadership experience with cross-functional and multi-cultural teams 

  • Broad international experience gained through working with multinational companies as well as through work assignments, studies and travels abroad: Argentina, the Philippines, Mali, Senegal, Bahrain and many European countries...

  • Currently working for the LEGO Group as Director - Commercial Optimization: I support the business on its Agility, Innovation and Problem-Solving needs

  • Keynote speaker

  • Curious mind with a passion for Learning & Development. I love to explore and experiment with new ideas and concepts

  • Hedonist with a thirst to get to know and experience the world and its inhabitants

  • A non-exhaustive list of the ventures and challenges which built my identity: settled, lived and worked in more than 10 different countries | changed multiple times career and lifestyle | learned 4 languages | founded an Art Gallery in the Middle East | husband and father to 2 awesome girls | amateur juggler and clown | persistent auto-immune, chronic disease fighter

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