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Coaching to Manage Stress

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

When Coaching people in leadership roles and more globally when Coaching on the workplace, stress is unfortunately a very common topic.

It is important to understand what is stress and how it manifests in order to help your clients. Also, everyone is different and reacts differently to similar situations. It is necessary to take the time to explore specifically what it means for you and for your clients without hurrying to push them to action. It is better to be specific and targeted...

For me, stress is a bit like a river: generally I appreciate a bit of stress in my life to keep things interesting and moving.

But at times, stress can become overwhelming... It is good to understand that your stress doesn't come from a single source and that you can work on it from various angles...

Next week I will post some next steps on how I coach my clients to manage their stress but also how I manage my own.

When you live with an auto-immune illness, your body is constantly under stress. If you add to this a toddler and a baby, travels and the random environmental stress of daily life and work, I can claim some experience in the field :)

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