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The Inner Game

This is my latest book synopsis "The Inner Game of Tennis" from Timothy Gallwey which is one of those foundational books at the root of modern coaching.

It is about trusting ourselves and our body, self-limiting beliefs and focus. I heard about this book long before I decided to read it and it really surprised me. I was expecting a coaching book and I found a Tennis book :) You might say I could have guessed it from the book title...

The teachings of Mr Gallwey go way further the sport universe and can be applied to a lot of things we put our minds on. I hope you enjoy this article!

PS: my daughter saw my drawings and asked why papa is dressed as Elsa? I answered because Papa needs to Let it go!

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Elyas Mohamed
Elyas Mohamed
Nov 02, 2022

fantastic summary. Let is go is tough thing to implement


Brilliant! Thank you. ☺️

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