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Changing perspective on problems - the story of Morten, sentenced to blindness

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Not long ago, I was in an internal LEGO conference in Jutland Denmark and I had the chance to hear Morten Bonde talking about how we can teach ourselves to change perspective on problems.

It is a while since I published anything on this blog and I wanted to thank Morten for the inspiration he gave me to put his story into those small drawings! As I was listening to him, I felt the need to take notes and to draw. I enjoyed his talents as a story teller, his Danish humor and the realism of his words.

It reminded me how much I love telling stories...

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PS: If you liked this story, you will most likely love the book written by Morten: Sentenced to Blindness - Now what?

or Morten's Blog:

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1 Comment

Colin C
Colin C
Jan 03, 2023

Absolutely loved the way this has been put. I would usually refer to a CBT model and ask a client what's connecting for them. And yes, have been waiting patiently for another story! :)

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