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Focusing on the issue

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

As for a lot of people, I had a mentor early in my career who had a great influence on the rest of my professional life. He gave me his trust, his support and the latitude to experiment. It shaped my confidence and I will always be grateful for his support. He also unknowingly gave me a lesson:

I noticed at one stage that his level of support was varying depending on where I was positioned in his office. When I was sitting on the other side of his desk I was usually finding him more critical and more difficult... I then developed an habit to seat side by side or at a corner with him and then with all my stakeholders. :)

This post is not only about how do we position ourselves as teams to take decisions, solve problems or any other type of potentially contentious group conversations. It is also about making the effort, challenging the habit and putting all the chances on our side to improve the way we collaborate

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