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The ATEBAR formula, an explanation how coaching works

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Ben Dooley, Master Coach with ICF was proposing recently a free session on the ATEBAR formula as a taste bite of his training "The fast pass to Masterful Coaching". I am all in for free stuff so I joined and I really liked it. It provides a good synthesis of how coaching actually works...

Here you go, the ATEBAR formula:

That is it for today :)

I could spend pages and pages illustrating each words on this logo as it captures a lot of what makes a coach effective at generating results! Thanks again Ben Dooley!

On another note, I notice that my drawing style is evolving and I am spending more and more time on each sketchnote, so I decided to post every 2 weeks from now on in order to maintain a certain level of quality and not feel too pressured :)

Thanks a lot for subscribing, commenting and sharing, as always, I appreciate (a lot)!

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