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What is Team Coaching?

The topic of Team Coaching is not very new in the Agile circles but somehow I always find the emphasis is on the Agile side and not on the Coaching side of things. Time to restore some balance :)

For teams not operating in an Agile frame, which from what I can observe is the majority, I hope this short article will tickle your curiosity and maybe some interest to start working with a team coach!

The main influences for this article are:

- A recent training I completed with the Beckett Mc-Inroy institute on Team Coaching

- The book "Coaching d'Equipe" (Team Coaching) from Alain Cardon

- Regular conversations on the topic within the organization (with the Agile community and out of it)

Thanks for the support you show me and this blog :) If you like it, don't hesitate to subscribe, share, like or comment!

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